Authoradmin ranks their 9 favorite East Coast Custard flavors

  • Posted On July 20, 2020
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Would like to spend your summer trying out ice cream and custard flavors at various shops throughout Northeast Ohio? That’s what the team at has been doing, and their logical first choice for custard was East Coast Original Frozen Custard!

Cleveland’s Best reporters Yadi Rodriguez and Brenda Cain visited all five East Coast Custard locations to taste and rank the flavors available on the day of their visit.

From the article…

First up was a visit to East Coast Custard’s flagship location at 6240 Pearl Road. We donned our face masks and owner Ivan Platt showed us what goes into making this delicious cold treat.

East Coast Custard has more than 100 flavor recipes, but only offers a few flavors each day in rotation. Chocolate and vanilla are always on the menu, as well as at least one featured flavor.

Flavors vary by the five locations. You can click on each location below to see their calendar of daily featured flavors for the month. All the custards are made “on demand” so it is always fresh.

Want to see if your favorite flavor made their list of East Coast Custard’s nine best? Head over to to read the full article, then visit your favorite East Coast Custard location to try them yourself!

It’s Spring!

Come help us ring in Spring (or hurry it along, anyway)! All our delicious East Coast Custard stores are now open. It’s never really too cold for a frozen treat.

We’re honored to serve those who served our country

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Did you know, if you’re a veteran or arrive here with one, you’ll receive a 10% discount? Our hats are off and hand over our hearts with gratitude to Merchant Marine Veteran Joseph Gramuglia for being a wonderful patron and, more importantly, a true and steadfast patriot. Special thanks to the Southwest Sentry for featuring the great work of our local VFWs and for highlighting our privilege to call them our customers.

89-year-old Parma veteran takes strides to make “sweet” changes in his community for his fellow veterans

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

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Greetings Bold Bakers!

YES, you can make Homemade Frozen Yogurt with only a couple of good fixings and no dessert machine!!!! Since I started making my 2 Ingredient No Machine Ice Cream formulas, I have gotten huge amounts of solicitations for No Machine Frozen Yogurt, and finally it’s here!

My No Machine Frozen Yogurt formulas have only 4 or 5 basic fixings and they contain just common sugars that originate from products of the soil. They are awesome treats on the off chance that you are attempting to help things up. Watch my video to figure out how to make every flavor and you can locate every individual one beneath.

Include your most loved products of the soil rest of the fixings into a sustenance processor, mix until smooth and stop! It couldn’t be less complex. What’s more, you don’t wind up with frigid, hard solidified yogurt. My formulas are triple tried so I ensured the outcomes are smooth, scoopable and delectable.

Utilize great quality solidified natural product since it gives you a velvety surface when mixed.

Custom made Frozen Yogurt can be made on any yogurt you incline toward. I utilize greek as it is higher in protein however don’t hesitate to utilize consistent. I do prescribe plain yogurt with no additional flavors.

The nectar in this formula is not only for sweetness; it’s what makes your solidified yogurt scoopable. Sugar in a fluid structure is the thing that stops ice gems framing and keeps it delicate.

For Dairy-Free or Vegan Homemade Frozen Yogurt formulas, swap out the nectar for agave and utilize a without dairy yogurt like coconut yogurt.

Weight Watchers Points, Smart Points, and Nutritional Information are incorporated on each solidified yogurt formula.

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The NEW Eastcoast Custard website is LIVE!

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We are excited to announce that we are launching the beta of our new website. This is the first roll out of our new piece of tech and we welcome everyone to come test out the kinks with us! We look forward to celebrating our 30th year in business in this ever adapting world and we hope we can always adapt with it to better serve our customers!